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Data Analytics, Simplified.

Your data needs are exploding and evolving, Take the next step with Cambrian.
The Problem

We are seeing an explosion in the volume of data generated by individuals, organizations, and technologies.  Data is also evolving into increasingly complex and fragmented forms, making it hard to tap into its potential.

Our Mission

Cambrian Analytics is here to help you navigate this new world of data.  We provide software and services that enable insightful, fast and cost-effective analytics from all of your data sources in one place.

Products + Solutions

Our analytics automation platform provides cutting edge applications to handle all of your data collection, processing, and analysis / visualization needs.  We also offer customized solutions to help elevate and extend your analytics capabilities. 



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Collection Applications integrate with your data sources and automatically ingest them into a centralized location with a standardized structure.  Integrations include:

  • Stored raw data files

  • Databases

  • 3rd party data tools / APIs

  • Direct user-inputs

  • Custom sources

Our configurable data processing workflows let you automagically convert your raw data into fully processed outputs, no matter the complexity.  Our advanced capabilities go well beyond basic data transformations, with applications covering: 

  • Full range of ETL operations 

  • Advanced data pivots

  • Custom logic / formula builds

  • Text analytics

  • Data Science Modeling (Supervised & Unsupervised Learning)

  • Human Tagging

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A diverse set of applications enable users to programmatically generate analytical outputs driven by the data processed within the platform, including:

  • Web dashboards

  • Powerpoint / PDF presentations

  • Tabular Outputs

  • API Feeds

  • Automated updates / alerts

Custom Applications


If you have unique analytical needs, our development teams implement custom applications to solve for those needs.  It is in our DNA to help you achieve maximum automation of your data workflows, no matter how big the challenge.


Our products and solutions will help you elevate your analytics capabilities and deliver a wide range of benefits.

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